Packers and movers in south Delhi

Good Packers and movers in south Delhi is very easy to find if you know the right place. Movesure is such place where team will help you with all your moving needs by assigning the dedicated customer consultant for you.

One of the major issues that is being faced by the families is whether to buy new furniture or moving the old furniture. The main driving factors, which will enable you to decide are given below:


  • Size of the furniture: At times, furniture size is so big that it gets very expensive to transfer the same. The more bulky size ,the more care needs to be taken so that no damage should happen to your furniture.
  • Distance to relocation: At times, furniture are portable and but still it would cost you a fortune, since the distance is very long. At times , people move from one state to other state too. So it will be left to your discretion to decide not to transport the furniture.

If the location is intra city, then it make your situation less complicated. It will be easier to transport and will cost very less. In that case, it is generally advisable to keep all the furniture with you.

  • Emotional Value: At times, people have emotional value to household stuffs. Furniture can be part of that too.In these cases, people wouldn’t mind spend some money to tag along with old furniture just for the sake of old memories.Since, emotions are priceless,you would need professional packers and movers to take care of transportation and packing.Get them insures also by paying some extra charge, so that in case any damage happens, you will be safe to claim the damages.
  • Age of the furniture: You would want to take the age factor into account while taking the decision. If you have already used the furniture for many years and you need to relocate to far off location. You can consider to buy new one .
  • Condition of the furniture: At times, furniture are little damaged already, and moving them will damage them completely. One wouldn’t want to incur the transportation cost as well as repairing cost. In that case, it is better not to move damaged furniture.
  • Antiquities: At times, we have very old wardrobe or some showpiece which is like heritage and holds a big price value. You will have to move it carefully. It has to be packed, package perfectly so that, It shouldn’t be damaged in any way.

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Packers and movers in Dwarka Delhi

Moving happens to be one of the most tiring job in anyone’s life, particularly when you are married and have children. You have everything up and running and settled comfortable at the place. For one reason or the other,people have to move to other place. It is very tedious exercise, so it is always better to plan so that one may not suffer.

There are lot of factors to be kept in mind while choosing the right service provide like pricing, service, experience, reliability, insurance, packing and packaging equipment’s etc. One will have thousands of doubt regarding moving home, relocation, office, and commercial equipment. You would want to research properly about this industry before making any rash decisions. One best way to learn id to research online about the basics of this industry. This major challenge in this industry is that it is not very much organized, so there is no standard pricing, service parameters etc.The ideal way is to get multiple quotes from different packers and movers. Or else,you could contact for one stop moving solution for your moving services like movesure. Movesure have rained staff,which help you to get tailored solutions.

The best season to move is spring, if you have control over moving time. There are following reasons:

  •  No Rush: Summer happens to be the busiest season for movers and packers so much so,you have to dig lot for finding the right packers and movers for you. In spring season, since there is low demand, you get the best movers and packers services available. It saves you lot of trouble from landing up in the wrong hands. One can also schedule comfortably in spring compared to summer where there is no or tough slot availability.
  •  Good Price: Due to lack of demand, spring has lower rates of moving services compared to summer season, which has peak demand for this industry. As there are less orders, so one can expect more attention to service as they are not under pressure of large no of moving orders.
  •  Good weather: There is no denying fact that, spring weather is the most loved weather in India. There is no sweat, no cold and optimized best for human body activity. In this season, you don’t feel much fatigue. As, moving service involve lot of physical activity in packing, packaging, arranging stuff, unpacking etc.
  •  Good Offer for sales of Home/Apartment (If you have one):As most of the people planned to relocate in summer holidays. They plan to buy in this season, so buying demand is there. High demand gets you better prices.

When you are looking for moving solution, you will have lot of queries to be asked. If you still need any moving tips and advice. Movesure team is there to help you.To get the best quotes from Packers and movers in dwarka delhi, packers and movers in Lakshmi Nagar, packers and movers in vasanth kunj and packers and movers in south delhi, contact movesure.

Packers and movers in Vasanth kunj

Search a good aggregator of packers and movers like movesure to find out the best packers and movers in vasanth kunj. They will help you out with best quotes, verified packers and movers providers in your area.

Taking DIY decision in moving is very tricky. There are lot of factors which you might want to consider before making any decision

  • Time: If you are planning to move on your own, time will be something which will be invested most. Packing, packaging, arranging vehicle will be very time intensive. You might want to plan every thing 3-4 weeks ahead.
  • Cost: Some people might argue that moving on your own might save lot of money. But, it depends. If you have lot of stuff to be shifted, there are more chances that damages could be more. God save you, if you have heavy furniture/antique. It will be very challenging to handle that stuff without experience. It is very less likely that some damage can happen can cost you much. Furniture and heavy electronics are little tricky to handle as you need multiple hands to pack them and move them.
  • Efforts: If you are moving near by area or city. It might not sound that much hassle for you. But, if relocation is distant, then it will be very difficult to commute on your own. For smaller stuff, you can do the packing and packaging stuff on your own. But, for heavy equipment’s, electronics, you need helping hands. You might want to ask your friends /relatives to help you out. So it has a constraint of availability of helping hands.
  • Damaged Items: The appliances, furniture, crockery etc. will raise concerns about their safety in handling. There comes handy the years of experience of packers and movers team to handle them safely. They will do it with more ease and literally no damage. So, avoiding the damages will be as good as avoiding additional costs.
  • Damaged Property: There are always lot of stuff in every home which have edges and moving them can dent the walls of the house if not moved cautiously. It actually results in higher cost in the form  of high maintenance.
  • Personal Injuries: Since, there are lot of stuff which will be heavy and can hurt you while moving, packing etc. One cannot put any price on personal injuries. Be very careful while moving stuff. Get as many hands possible for moving. Avoid children presence on the moving day at home, they might get hurt as the moving process moves on.

So it is little risky to do the ting on your own. We will advise you to reach out to movesure team. They will help you in moving .To get the best quotes from Packers and movers in Vasanth Kunj, packers and movers in Lakshmi nagar, packers and movers in South Delhi and packers and movers in dwarka delhi, kindly contact movesure.

Packers and Movers in Laxmi Nagar

Packers and movers in Lakshmi nagar is easy to find as there is movesure team to help you out with everything. They have dedicated customer service consultant to guide you out with the suitable solutions with right pricing.

We still recommend you to take care of few things into consideration while moving. It will help you to save lot of cost:


  •  Pack by yourself: If you have enough time, it is highly recommended that you should do the packing by yourself. It will significantly save your moving cost. The packers and movers team will pack your stuff in few hours by charging good amount.
  • Do the packing right: If you have decided to pack by yourself, do it right. Use proper materials to protect your stuff. Organize it right by properly naming the boxes with respect to categories. It helps because if packers and movers find you the packing not proper, they will ask you do it again. It increases eventually the last minute efforts and cost in case packers do it.
  • Design the proper time schedule for moving day: Make sure that you take holiday on the moving day for better coordination with tour packers and movers team. Wake up early on that day, book elevator for your stuff. Figure out where moving truck can be parked, reserve that space.
  • Get your new location ready: When you are planning to move to new home. Make sure that it gets ready by the time you move. So plan accordingly all the amenities that you will require.

Mind it:

  • Take your time: Don’t plan abruptly the moving service. Do proper research and then finalize them.
  • Share all the information regarding relocation:Talk to the packers and movers comprehensively. Share all the requirements, details about drop in and pick ups, which stuff to be handled carefully.
  • Keep your essentials with you: Some things like documents, valuables has to be kept with you.Make sure that they are kept safe and not forgotten while moving.
  • Don’t pack anything at last minute: Haste always makes waste. Don’t pack at last minute.
  • Don’t do any modifications of estimate at last minute: Until or unless there is a genuine reason, don’t sign new estimate for any reason. At times,packers and movers make you want to pay more unnecessarily.

If you follow these things, we are sure you would ignore lot of mistakes likely to be made on the moving day.

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Packers and movers in Vasanth Kunj

Finding packers and movers in Vasanth Kunj is not tough task as long as you know what factors to be taken care of while deciding the right packers and movers.

Packers and movers is decided on the basis of the following factors:

  1. Service
  2. Transparent Pricing
  3. Experience of moving
  4. Packing Expertise
  5. Type of moving service

If you want the ready-made solution of movers and packers then contact movesure team, they will assist you with the right moving service provider.

We are  sharing few tips, which is very relevant  and has to be taken in to account before packers and movers can be called off.

  • Plan your packing schedule effectively: This is very important. Planning the packing schedule is not an easy task. You might want to start packing before two weeks at least. One can make proper schedule of packing.The less used stuff can be packed early. You have to name the packing boxes as per the categories type. Remember, one thing there are limitations in terms of moving all type of items. For instance, inflammable, gas etc. might not be allowed to transport. So don’t waist time in packing those stuffs.
  • Transfer the services: Apply for transfer/termination of services, just a month before as it will save unnecessarily billing once you leave the place. At the same time, transfer the services to new place, as much as possible. You would also want to change your postal address for the relevant mail communication.
  • Plan your Moving Day: The physical presence on moving day is of upmost important for you. Besides, your presence, you might want to plan your moving day. One has to wake up early and keep all the things ready. You might want to invite someone to take care of your babies,pet if you have them. As it gets very busy on the moving day, you don’t want to get them hurt, while moving takes place.
  • Don’t move everything from Packer and Movers: There will be certain valuable things like docs, other precious items, antiques which will be too valuable to give to movers. Ideally, you would want to take care of those things personally. If you want them to move antique, don’t forget to get extra insurance for them.
  • Unpacking Schedule: After successful completion of moving process, you would want to unpack the things. Be sure, to categorize the things which are to be unpacked soon and that can be unpacked later. It helps you to organize you better.

If you think, you don’t want to input so much effort, call the Movesure team. They will take end to end responsibility as per your requirements. They will provide you  packers and movers in lakshmi Nagar, packers and movers in dwarka delhi, packers and movers in south delhi.

Packers and Movers in Dwarka Delhi

Packers and movers is one of the booming industry in Delhi. One will find lot of options of packers and movers in Dwarka Delhi. The deal is to find the right service provider at the right price.

There are few factors, which will help you to decide the right movers and packers.

  • Experience of movers and packers: Go for experienced movers and packers as they have more reliability compared to the new comers.
  • Own fleet: Most of the players in this industry can be outsourcing the fleet for moving purposes. It poses lot of challenges in terms of communication. Sometimes, they might charge extra.
  • Insurance cover: It is very important to ensure that your stuff delivered safely. Having said that, kindly take insurance cover. They will charge some extra money for that.
  • Online reviews: In the age of Internet, It is very easy to find out the info about service providers. Search and find out their google and Facebook reviews. Go through both positive and negative reviews and figure out the customer satisfaction.There are other sites too like mouthshut which can give service provide ratings.
  • Transparency in pricing: Since, the movers and packers industry is not price regulated, one would find lot of variations in pricing quotations. The genuine packers and movers will give you clear break up of all the charges. Be very sure of estimate of any variable charges if any. Get everything in written so that there should not be any confusion at later stage. Be aware of all the conditions, at times loading and unloading can vary depending upon ground floor or not, away from main road etc. Get clarity of everything. At times, movers and packers might not function in that pincode/ they might charge extra. Be very careful in getting the variable estimate too.
  • Type of services: Most of the movers and packers provide mainly three services.
  1. Relocation of home
  2. Relocation of office/commercial goods
  3. Relocation of vehicle  – Relocation of vehicle requires more expertise. They should have specific vehicle for relocating four wheeler/two wheeler.
  • Packing materials: The movers and packers should use high quality. package materials to pack your stuff. They should have trained staff which will be use the right packing materials for crockery,electronics, glassware’s etc. They will bring packing materials with them and wont be chargeable.
  • Loading and unloading equipment. The established movers and packers will have all the equipment’s of packing, loading and unloading. This will give you confidence that your stuff is in safe hands. The right equipment’s will make the work faster and safer.
  • Physical office location: At times, mover and packers can be part time too. You would want to ignore those part timers. They will outsource to others and hence chances of miscommunication, price variation could be significant. To avoid these, please verify their office location and make sure that, they are not temporary service providers

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Packers and Movers in South Delhi

South delhi is one of the most developed area of delhi. Finding packers and movers in south delhi is not difficult as it seems to be. People in this area are rich and for them, paying premium on the service is not a problem as long as the service is flawless.

Movesure helps us to find the right mover and packers at the right price. Before zeroing down the movers and packers, there are few things customer need to be aware about this industry.

 Reliability: Finding a right movers and packers is very difficult as per your needs. You might require movers and packers for moving your vehicle, home, office and equipment’s too. Most of the people do provide the home relocation services, but not all provide moving vehicle and heavy equipment’s. As these tasks really requires highly trained staff, packing, loading and unloading equipment’s. not all movers and packers can efficiently provide these services. So it is very necessary to find the experienced movers and packers.

We can search on google or facebook to find the movers and packers in industry or simply visit to save time and energy. We can find the contacts and website address online. We can call them and verify their office address, visit their social media pages to figure out the feedback of their past customers. A reliable movers and packers will always share all the details about themselves like their portfolio of services, terms and conditions, years of experience. Established movers will always have their fleet and trained staff.

Pricing:  Pricing is very important,as there is no benchmark as such in this industry. There could be significant variation in quotation from one service provider to other. It is better to have quotations from multiple movers and packers and figure out the best offer. One more thing, don’t always go for cheapest quotations. He is likely to give poor services. Ask them everything in written, and there should not be price fluctuations at later stage under any circumstances. Ask proper breakup,if there is any variable pricing as them clearly to avoid trouble. Pay advance on the loading day.

 Insurance: Insurance is very important component as it ensure the safety of your stuff from damage that can happen in loading, moving and unloading. They might charge extra for insurance cover which is okay.

 Packing: Not every packers and movers keep trained staff and all the essentials packing materials has to be brought by their team only. The charges will be already inclusive of the packing materials. Inquire about the kind of materials they will be using for different materials just to ensure that do they really know the packing standards.

 If you really don’t want to inquire a lot and have time constraint, you can reach movesure. They provide packers and movers in south delhi, packers and movers in lakshminagar, packer and movers in dwarka, packers and movers in vasanth kunj.

Packers and Movers in Laxmi Nagar

Finding right and reliable movers and packers as per one’s moving needs is very difficult. Since, we need movers and packers once in a while so people don’t know much about this industry. We will tell you some factors which will be important in deciding the best Packers and Movers in Lakshmi Nagar, delhi.

  • Registered Office: Most of the people in this industry does provide part time moving services. Beware of them!! Ask about their website and registered address. If possible, meet them in their office location.
  • Pricing: This industry is very unorganized. When it comes to pricing, there is no set standard. There can be a variation from 40% to 140% or even more. One should take quotations from atleast three to four movers and packers just to avoid to land to wrong pricing. People should not be jump off to lowest rate as they might not be genuine or providing good services. It is advisable to go for medium rate considering other things are fine.
  • Insurance: Ask your movers and packers about the insurance options available with them. Do they cover all the damages? Ask for the relevant documents to ensure they have proper registration to give insurances.
  • Quotation: The quotation is most tricky part in movers and packers industry. While taking the quotation from movers and packers, make sure that there should not be any hidden charges. Ask them detailed break up of quotations.Please ask them to give in written that there will be no additional charges whatsoever after quotations. If it is take the estimate of that charge because at times they charge you hefty amount for money for small reasons like it was applicable for only ground floor, It didn’t include the unloading to destination etc. Getting everything in written is better as you can’t do anything once advance is paid.
  • Service quality: Please make sure that they provide good services. Ask them for any referrals who can be accessed to verify their claims. If they can share the details of any past customer for feedback, it means they are genuine. In the age of internet, it is very easy to know about the review of the company. One can search reviews on google and facebook.It will give fare idea about their services. Good ratings ensure good services.
  • Type of services: Movers and packers provide the services like moving your home, office, vehicles, Industry from one city to another city. There are also some international movers and packers which can transfer the stuff internationally. Most of the established movers and packer provide end to end service like Movemate (Packers and Movers in Lakshmi Nagar).
  • Own Transport vehicle: Many movers and packers in this industry outsource other vehicle. It is advisable that you should go for those movers who have their won fleet.
  • Packing Materials/Equipment: Professional packer and mover have their staff trained for packing,loading and unloading,They will have all necessary equipment for packing heavy stuff. They also carry various packing materials for safe packing. Ideally ,they should not charge you additionally for that. Get a clarity on this also before you pay in advance.
  • Advance Payment: Please do not give full advance payment. Give the advance on the packing day and rest amount on the day of delivery.

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How to stay organised while relocation : Movesure

It is true that staying organised is the key to success in any task. This quote plays a vital role when you are moving house from one place to another. This is an important factor that you should consider and organise things completely to stay away from any loss or fraud. This is the secret of enjoying a hassle free and smooth relocation. The question arises, how to stay organised while relocating? The secret is to make the best plan and stick to it despite the adverse situation. You can go through the entire process in your mind and frame strategies accordingly or can take the support from our tips that are provided below.

Prepare the best moving plan

It is necessary that you make a best moving plan and stick to it when required. This timeline will help you to understand your requirements, entire moving plan and factors that you have to consider. In the top do list, you should consider all the factors that you have to handle and prepare a customised to-do list. This list will help you to concentrate on various activities that you have to handle at a time. This will help you to get rid of the issues and stress that will ease the entire moving process.

You have to decide on the items that you have to take with you and things that you can leave behind. You can also make a detailed floor plan of your new home so that you can move the material easily and it will help movers to take the item to the right place. You can also create a moving inventory that will help in tracking all the important items during the transit. This will also let you know the accurate cost of transit and other factors that can impact the entire relocation process. You can also determine the time taken to pack the items and understand all the conditions that can contribute to entire relocation process. The most important factor to staying organised is to determine the unwanted items. These are the items that impact the cost of transit and helps in calculating the space, charges and items that you can take to new home.

Further to stay organised while relocating, you need to prepare all the documents and get them ready ahead of time. This includes documents like financial records, school records, medical records, voter registration, driving license, insurance policies, etc. When all these elements are well managed, then you can get all the utilities and services running at the new home in a day.

It is necessary that you have various phone numbers and address ready that you may require during the entire process. The important numbers could be of moving company, emergency number, auto service, friend, relative, etc. Once all these factors are considered, staying focused will lead you to the high success of the entire moving process. Make sure that you eliminate distraction and avoid procrastination that will help you to utilize every second and stay motivated.

How to negotiate with packers and movers

Moving house is never an easy process as it involves a lot of stress, effort and money. According to American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), the average cost of moving a house cost approx $4,300 for interstate and $2,300 for a local move. This average cost is provided to give a proper analysis of the cost that you have to incur while shifting to a new place. Now with this estimate, you can negotiate with your packers and movers.

In order to calculate the cost of the move, various factors play a vital role like move distance, moving company, shipment weight and other extra moving services. Finally, the charges depend on your skill to negotiate. Before you avail the service of packers and movers, you need to understand that the charges are not fixed and can be negotiated. Now the question arises, how you can negotiate with the moving company and how you can make the deal budget friendly and affordable. For this, you negotiable skills will help you to save hundreds of dollars. Here are some of the best tips and tricks that will enhance your negotiation skill and will help you to understand the best way to deal with the packers and movers.

The first thing is to get in touch with the trusted and reputed packers and movers in your area. You should get the lower bid, but there could be something wrong if the bid is lowest in the industry and you do not have the trusted brand. Much before the bidding, you should make sure to consider the factors before it and make necessary preparation at home to deal with the officials of the packer and movers during the negotiation process. You should verify the existing trusted packers and movers in your area.

Compare the estimates of various trusted moving company

It is certain that picking the top-rated moving company will help you to avail the hassle free moving service, but their budgets might restrict you from hiring them. For this, you can get complete pricing details of nearly 3 top packers and movers and then go for the final deal with the moving service provider. At the negotiation table, you should also clear details like the number and nature of extra services that you require availing from the movers, decide on who will pack the materials and get a clear understanding of the additional charges if any.

How to use negotiation skill as secret weapon

Here are some of the tips and tricks that will support you in making the best deal with the moving company.

  • Most of the mover company lower the price to overcome the competitors in the market and even during the off-season.
  • Get quotes from various companies and then make it a base to negotiate with the company you wish most to provide you with the service.
  • Always be open to making certain compromises like making an early booking, choose a perfect moving date, etc.

With all these points, it is certain that you will have the best negotiation with the mover company.