10 mistakes you must avoid before selecting packers and movers in delhi

hiring packers and movers in delhi without mistakes
Mistakes to avoid in hiring packers and movers in delhi

Road to your new house from your old house could be rocky but there are  few mistakes which you can avoid to make your relocation easier on you, your family and the packers and movers you are hiring for the job.  Here is a list of 10 most common mistakes people make while moving.


Failing to background check on your moving company


It is essential to conduct thorough research on the Movers and Packers Company you are hiring. You should look for their previous work assignments, their infrastructure and ownership of offices in both origin and destination city. You can also reada blog regarding how to hire a good packer and mover company here


Moving a large household yourself


It is ok if you are planning on to move your household by yourself but if you have a large house or your moving to a different city it is strongly recommended that you hire a professional packers and movers company. Self-moving initially seems to be a money saving idea but once you will be done with the complete process you will realise you end up spending equal or sometimes even more than what the moving company were asking for. This is majorly due to a lot of unforeseen expenses like a police challans, hiring a service vehicle or hiring additional labour etc. In the end, you might also end up damaging your household items due to insufficient packing or non-expert labours which might further increase your effective moving cost.


Using large boxes for packing


If you decided to pack your personal belongings yourself remember not to use large boxes for packing. Large boxes become too heavy to be lifted by a single person and they stand a greater chance of tearing during the shifting process. This is the main reason why moving companies use a medium sized boxes usually of dimensions 1.5 x 1.5 x 2 feet’s for packing of small items. So remember when you are directing a moving company to bring in boxes consider only medium size boxes and tell the number of boxes required accordingly.


Forgetting to mention plants during quotations


Plants are one of the most forgotten items while people discuss the item list with their movers during the quotation process. If you more than 5 to 7 plants so mention while taking quotation. Moving plants is a challenging job especially because Plants need special care like regular watering and mud pots are very fragile. Moreover, plants occupy a lot of floor space in the moving truck as they cannot be placed over any other items and any other items cannot be placed over them. You might be needing a larger moving van to accommodate your plants.   If you are moving within city try to hire a small separate vehicle for moving your plants as this would avoid the situation of having dirt all over your household items in case a plant pot breaks during transit.



You forget that your Tommy has to move too


A lot of time people moving between cities get quotes for household items and car transportation but more often than not they forget that their beloved pets cannot travel along with them.  Packers and Movers in Delhi can arrange for pet relocation given they are informed beforehand during the quotation process. You might also like to hire a pet escort for taking care of your loved pet during transportation.


Packing explosive or flammable items


Remember you cannot transport explosive or flammable items by your moving truck. By doing this you might end up putting yourself and your household items in harm’s way.  Most people are not aware of the process of moving gas cylinders when relocating to a different city. You can surrender your gas cylinder in the city of origin and can request a reissue in your destination city. If you have guns or similar sensitive items then it is best that you Carry them along with you or else provide necessary documents to your moving company for the same.


Moving your boxes without proper labeling


Using a systematic labeling process for all your household goods is essential because this will save you hours of labor when you are resetting your stuff in your new home.  Otherwise, you might end up with a stack of cartons, all placed in a single room without knowing what belongs where.  You can use several labeling processes like inventory numbering and list, color coding for different rooms, labeling stickers etc.  Even a simple marker will help you save several hours of your precious time in your new home.  Although it is your Movers job to bring in markers and labeling stickers but it’s better that start this process even before your movers arrive.


Not budgeting for taxes and insurance as part of your moving cost


Packers and movers charge calculation is a tricky part.Service tax, insurance and other tolls and taxes when combined together might amount to as high as 35% of your total moving cost.  So always remember when you were taking quotations from different Packers and Movers in delhi make a point that you take all inclusive quotes with no hidden charges.


Not deciding insurance valuation for all your items


when you are moving long haul majority of people prefer taking insurances and for the same, they have to declare valuation for each of their furniture, electronics, and other belongings separately.  This valuation process might take more than 45 minutes of your time during the day of your move. It is prudent that you take your time and decide these valuations before the moving day. This might also help you save on insurance costs. As on the day of your move, you might be juggling several things during packing and loading and you might arrive at wrong insurance valuation and end up taking a higher value of insurance which you cannot be claimed in case of any damages.


Not taking moving paperwork seriously


Usually, you get 3 documents at your loading point which are handed over to you post all household goods are packed and loaded into the moving truck. These documents are a bill of loading, a list of items and a copy of your invoice.  You should keep the document safe with you and in no case forget them when you are traveling to the new city.  Bill of loading is the proof that you have handed over your precious household goods to the moving company. It also mentions your delivery address and contact number which will be used for the delivery purpose. Make sure the contact number provided by you is operational until you receive delivery of your goods. This is the number which will be used by the truck driver or the destination city office of movers to inform to you regarding location and ETA of your goods.







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