Moving during monsoon? do not let rain ruin your moving experience.

You are all set to move your home, everything is well planned. You have served notice to your current homeowner. But it’s monsoon time and your smartphone is showing a thunderstorm on the day of your move. You have hired professional packers and movers. You are worried about how will you protect your goods from rain. Thoughts of drenched boxes and ruined furniture are making you pray for the sunshine on the day.

Moving in monsoon doesn’t have to be frightening. If you are moving during monsoon follow the below tips to protect your precious belongings and mental peace although, few of these might lead to increase in your packers and movers charges.

Hire a closed body containerized vehicle

More than 90% of local home relocation India are done by open body trucks. These vehicles use trampoline covers during rainy weather to protect your goods. Which more often than not are leaky with multiple holes here and there. So hiring a Closed body container might cost you an approx 20% higher but will make a lot of sense.

Waterproof packing

Waterproof lamination is available with packers and movers, you can ask them to bring it in and make sure all your boxes are wrapped in lamination foil. If your movers are not offering lamination foil you can make use of food wrap clear foil and plastic bags to protect your precious goods.

Prep – your moving space

Before moving check your moving space make sure that the floor of the vehicle is not wet and there is no leakage in the roof or the Trampoline. In case you find any leakages for small leakages use tape for a temporary fix and in case there are large holes you might have to use your creative thinking and you some larger plastic material for blocking doors leakages.
Use ample of door mats to make sure that people carrying in your boxes and furniture do not bring in mud and water along with them finally you should also take care that all the movers and your family members are wearing all skid proof shoes so that they do not slip on the wet floor and injure themselves.

Assembly line setup for unloading

For easy and quick unloading of your household goods make one person stand inside the vehicle loading space, the second person just beside the vehicle and so on till the line reaches inside of your house. This way when people are unloading your carton boxes and other small items they can be passed from one hand to another so that the floor would stay dry and slippery mud would stay outside. Moreover, lesser chances of your belongings getting wet as this would cut down the unloading time. This would also reduce chances of damage due to slipping on the wet floor.

If it’s raining cats and dogs

If it’s raining very heavily outside it is always prudent to wait for a couple of hours and see how weather progresses, if it doesn’t mellow down you may be forced to postpone your move to another opportune moment. This might impact your moving cost and your plans but at least your goods will remain safe.

A few additional tips

It’s better if trucks loading side can be under a roof or balcony so that loading can be done without getting your item wet.
Packers and movers boxes are more sturdy than you think they can usually take a few drops of rain without damaging your stuff inside.
If it’s a complete day move it will polite for you to arrange for some tea and snacks for the packers as they will not have many eating options available nearby due to rain.
Keep a few paper towels handy in case, packers get their hand wet while loading or unloading your stuff, this will protect your items they pick up next.

Finally, rain or no rain it always helps to be well prepared for your move. Ask for a few friends to come over, in case you are self-moving.

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Tips before D day…

“I am Happy when I am moving!” said no one, ever.

Let’s be honest, home relocation is the long and stressful process. And it is deep in your pocket. No wonder why people go step ahead and go for the most expensive packers and movers. But, that cannot be the only solution for the stress. Still, there are many things you need to take care.

To make your move as hassle-free as possible, your need to find professional packers and movers in Faridabad who work best- those who understand your work requirement and are capable of delivering your goods damage free.

We inspected that packers and movers can be worst on their behaviour on the day of the move. Here are 8 things you make sure you have aligned before the D-day


  1. Make sure to do your homework before the day of move —in person

Once you put in your moving requirement on any of the listing websites you will be bombed with incoming calls and all of them saying all good things about themselves. There are good packers and bad packers in the industry. How can you differentiate?


Every company is going to present themselves as the best in the industry and that will confuse while decision-making process. The best way out to have a clear decision making is to shortlist them on the basis of their online feedbacks and then visit movers office in person.


“Some companies are really professional and there are other companies which are mostly running from their homes or the office which you can never locate.” There will only one guy coming to your home and will make the promises and that will blow your mind. Or the other type is who will look like he has come out of 5 years solitary.


Price is only part of the equation. You have to differentiate on the company which has your best interest and not looking for the one-time paycheck.


  1. Do you need to get your stuff packed a day before the move?

If your house is 3BHK or above we strictly recommend you get at least 70% of household stuff packed a day before. On the day of the move, you should have enough time for loading, unloading, unpacking and the most time-consuming job of resettlement. Make sure your major furniture are in place at your new home before packers leave your place.

  1. What else you want to make sure should be in place on the day of move?

Before the movers appear, figure out these things and pass on the information to the movers. Do you need to take the permission from the society`s RWA for the use of elevator? Can we park the truck on the busy street? If so, make sure space is available for the parking of a truck . If you’re moving in or out of an apartment complex, make sure you know all rules—designated moving hours and whether packers can pack or unpack during off hours this can cause confusion and delay your complete move.


Do inform your movers about the heavy items you are going to move so that they can bring extra hand if required. They should not go looking for additional labourer on the same day.


  1. What all you should ask your packer to bring with him

Few things you should make sure they bring along on the day of packing. There should be enough packing material for the complete packing and what kind of material they are going to bring you can also ask them to bring some samples at the time of the home survey.  There should be marking stickers and makers with them. They should also bring toolkit in case there is any uninstallation required. Call them a day before for confirming regarding the arrangements for the move and do confirm the time they are going to come.


  1. Label everything

Make sure each box is labelled with the essentials and the room it belongs to. You don’t want yourself in the stack of cartons and not knowing which carton has what in it.

It will be easier for the movers as well to put it in the room where it belongs as opposed to delineating where it has to be kept and you also don’t want yourself standing in the stacks of boxes without any clue.


  1. Tell us what’s valuable before we follow the rule equality

The best way to deal with damage is to avoid it- Your packers are not very sensitive towards valuables. Do make sure you tell them which are items are fragile and expensive.  Once you tell them about the sensitivity of the goods then only they will pack accordingly.



  1. Let them do their Job!

You might think you’re helping when you starting packing yourself or show courtesy of giving the helping hand in loading or unloading. Don’t, when you have made so much effort in choosing movers trust them they will do the job. They are professionals and they work with a plan so might act as a hindrance in the job.  Few eager homeowner slows down efforts, but he or she can also be an insurance liability.


  1. Tip the movers or maybe buy lunch

Yes, you need to tip your movers—between Rs. 100 and Rs 200 is standard, but more is always welcome. They are in a service business and what they do is incredibly hard. Movers need to be tipped for their job. If it the moving goes for day long try buying lunch for them. You cannot even imagine how impactful this can be on their motivation level.



What to do when moving in peak season?

What to do when everyone around you is moving?

When you see you have planned to move then you friend tells you he/she is also moving and you go to office your colleague also tells you the same. You must be thinking is it a good thing? That everyone is moving there might be chaos with packers and movers in Delhi, and services quality might get hampered?

Now the moving your home is something you cannot postpone or cancel. You also have to move during that duration. If possible you change the dates do change. Especially if you are planning to move at the end of the month and there is an option to move in first or second week of the month you won’t regret.

So, considering the fact that more than 65% of all the relocations in the India take place within a few specific dates of months, one can easily think that this is the most convenient and beneficial time to move home. Also known as peak moving season, this period is extremely busy and chaotic. However, it is widely preferred by home movers because of the numerous advantages it offers.


When is peak season?

“Peak season” refers to the month of March to June, and when we talk about local shifting it is usually the last weekend of every month when most home shifting takes place. People are more comfortable moving during this duration is because of few factors like Academic sessions gets over, spouses can also change their jobs and many other small factors are involved to make it an optimal time of relocation. The high demand for reliable moving services during the peak season, however, poses a number of considerable challenges both to people who want to move and moving companies. So, if you intend to move in the peak season, you need to be fully aware of all the aspects of a peak season relocation.



What to consider when moving in peak season

Despite the advantages of moving in peak time like the academic year of your kids gets over, your spouse can also move with you, your rent agreements get over and you can easily find a new place as there are plenty of homes available. Having said that there are many cons to moving during this season as well:


Increase in charges – If you want to move during peak season this might dent deep to your pocket as the prices for professional packers and movers increase significantly. Make sure you account for such increments in the prices while making the budget, later it might put you in a bad situation. Also, consider the hidden charges and don’t forget to allocate some amount for other unforeseen contingencies.

You can find some efficient ways to save money on your forthcoming relocation here;


Timely bookings – It is difficult to book packers who have professional and reliable packers and movers services in peak season. You might have to face some compromises in quality of services and there can be a situation where unprofessional people coming for your home relocation. You can avoid such situation if you make the booking in advance don’t wait long. During peak seasons, packers and movers tend to hire laborer on contract and they don’t have much experience in home relocation. Make sure you book as soon as you decide on all other factors related to the move.


How to organize a successful peak season move?

Here are some simple tricks and tips that will help you perform a smooth and trouble-free relocation even when moving in high season:


1) Check List – Make a checklist of all the tasks you need to complete before moving. Allocate appropriate time for each task, you should not have the list of incomplete tasks and you are moving next day. Act accordingly in a quick and efficient manner. This way you won’t miss tracking the progress of important aspects of moving.


2) Flexibility can save you money and hassle – If your moving dates can be flexible that can save you money and you do not need to compromise on services. Ask your packers and movers when they are free and provide their best movers for the home relocation. Usually, if you can plan to move on a week day that can save you money and you don’t have to compromise on service quality. If possible please avoid national holidays and you can schedule it in mid of the month, this will smoothen your move.

When is the best time to move house


3) Hire trustworthy movers – When looking for packers and movers in peak season you will see few unprofessional and incompetent packers and movers. Their pricing might seem to be affordable but the high chances are they will disappear with your booking amount after they secure the deal. There are high chances of stealing your valuables or ask for more money as ransom once they pick up household goods. It is very important to do the background check and if possible please check their past records.

Common moving scams you might end up in


4) Moving intercity- Take Insurance!! – Transportation is not immune to accidents. It’s not only that your goods can get damaged only in case of accident or truck catches fire, there is quite a chance that your goods get damaged due rain, potholes, loading, unloading or any other reason. Make sure to take a full risk comprehensive insurance at least of the valuable and fragile items.


5) Take care of the paperwork in time – If you are moving in holidays your paperwork might take time so start early. Make a list of all the documents that needs paperwork. Don’t forget to change an address on your phone bills, driving license, bank account, medical policy etc. Your communication address should be right. Last but not the least make sure you have all the utilities running on move-in you will be desperately needing your water, electricity running if possible TV cable as well you will be needing some entertainment after the long process of moving.


6) Take care of the kids and pets – Ask you, friend, to come over and take your kids to a park or a mall while the packers are in the house. Heavy items will be moving you don’t want your kids to get hurt. Or, even better – you can leave them at your relatives place. You don’t want your kids to get fussy and increase one more task in your task list it will be better to them to sit in a calm and the safe air-conditioned room away from the moving chaos.


7) Ask your packers to come as early as possible – Make sure your that your crew reaches early morning so that your packing and loading part is complete before the heat is intense. If you are moving by yourself, ask the company to the send the truck the truck a night prior so that you can complete the loading before the sun comes up.


8) Keep your first night box with you – be prepared for a situation where you reach way before your good reaches at your new home because during peak season delays are a common thing we face. You can survive only when you have your essentials with you. So pack all the required essentials in 2 3 carton boxes and be prepared for at least 8 to 10 days delay depending on the route you are moving to.


May your home relocation in peak season turns into the gratifying experience and you are happy in your new home.

First night box is a life savior…

Keep First-night boxes accessible

What are first night boxes?

These boxes are the boxes containing essentials for the first day and night at your new home. These boxes should be easily accessible because it will be hard to find your things in piles of boxes. You might end up opening all the boxes and next day when resettling things you will realize what a mess it is.


First night box is a lifeguard- how to treat it?


Make sure your first night box should be kept in the truck last. You should easily able to get it when you need it. Keep these boxes while unloading to someplace where you are not keeping other cartons.

Things your first night box should contain.


Cleaning and maintenance utilities

The first thing you definitely want to do before entering is some cleaning. You might have done it two days before moving but on the day you move in some cleaning is required and you don’t want yourself going to super market or ask neighbors for the utilities. I think no one wants to give an impression of “weird neighbors” in a completely new place.

Keep floor cleaner, waste cloth, detergent, bleach, soap and few trash bags in this box. I think these things will be enough for decent cleaning.



It is also good to keep your tools accessible you might require them. Although packers have their tool kit but you might require adjusting few things after they leave.

You should also keep few light bulbs, extendable switch board and a flashlight in case there are few lights are not working.


Meals and eatables

It can be a while before you cook delicious food in your new kitchen and you and your kids don’t want to sit hungry waiting to resettle your kitchen. Keep few packets of snacks, ready to cook packets and if you have kids make sure you have things they like to eat so that you don’t sleep hungry. Toss in some disposable plates, cups and napkins as well in case you need them. You don’t want to add another task of dish washing.

Also, make arrangements for drinkable water, you and packers will also be needing it. Fitting purifiers take time.

Another important thing is to have basic hygiene necessities items


You should have your toothpaste and toothbrush, soap and shampoo and comb packed in a separate box. But you’ll be needing them to be comfortable in your new home.

Other things you need are

Clean bed sheets


Towels (if this list is outgrowing your box, try camping towels)

A complete first aid kit

A pair of clean clothes if you can accommodate in your box.

Do customize your first night box according to your need these are the things I have suggested things according to the situation we land up in when we do not plan.


10 mistakes you must avoid before selecting packers and movers in delhi

hiring packers and movers in delhi without mistakes
Mistakes to avoid in hiring packers and movers in delhi

Road to your new house from your old house could be rocky but there are  few mistakes which you can avoid to make your relocation easier on you, your family and the packers and movers you are hiring for the job.  Here is a list of 10 most common mistakes people make while moving.


Failing to background check on your moving company


It is essential to conduct thorough research on the Movers and Packers Company you are hiring. You should look for their previous work assignments, their infrastructure and ownership of offices in both origin and destination city. You can also reada blog regarding how to hire a good packer and mover company here


Moving a large household yourself


It is ok if you are planning on to move your household by yourself but if you have a large house or your moving to a different city it is strongly recommended that you hire a professional packers and movers company. Self-moving initially seems to be a money saving idea but once you will be done with the complete process you will realise you end up spending equal or sometimes even more than what the moving company were asking for. This is majorly due to a lot of unforeseen expenses like a police challans, hiring a service vehicle or hiring additional labour etc. In the end, you might also end up damaging your household items due to insufficient packing or non-expert labours which might further increase your effective moving cost.


Using large boxes for packing


If you decided to pack your personal belongings yourself remember not to use large boxes for packing. Large boxes become too heavy to be lifted by a single person and they stand a greater chance of tearing during the shifting process. This is the main reason why moving companies use a medium sized boxes usually of dimensions 1.5 x 1.5 x 2 feet’s for packing of small items. So remember when you are directing a moving company to bring in boxes consider only medium size boxes and tell the number of boxes required accordingly.


Forgetting to mention plants during quotations


Plants are one of the most forgotten items while people discuss the item list with their movers during the quotation process. If you more than 5 to 7 plants so mention while taking quotation. Moving plants is a challenging job especially because Plants need special care like regular watering and mud pots are very fragile. Moreover, plants occupy a lot of floor space in the moving truck as they cannot be placed over any other items and any other items cannot be placed over them. You might be needing a larger moving van to accommodate your plants.   If you are moving within city try to hire a small separate vehicle for moving your plants as this would avoid the situation of having dirt all over your household items in case a plant pot breaks during transit.



You forget that your Tommy has to move too


A lot of time people moving between cities get quotes for household items and car transportation but more often than not they forget that their beloved pets cannot travel along with them.  Packers and Movers in Delhi can arrange for pet relocation given they are informed beforehand during the quotation process. You might also like to hire a pet escort for taking care of your loved pet during transportation.


Packing explosive or flammable items


Remember you cannot transport explosive or flammable items by your moving truck. By doing this you might end up putting yourself and your household items in harm’s way.  Most people are not aware of the process of moving gas cylinders when relocating to a different city. You can surrender your gas cylinder in the city of origin and can request a reissue in your destination city. If you have guns or similar sensitive items then it is best that you Carry them along with you or else provide necessary documents to your moving company for the same.


Moving your boxes without proper labeling


Using a systematic labeling process for all your household goods is essential because this will save you hours of labor when you are resetting your stuff in your new home.  Otherwise, you might end up with a stack of cartons, all placed in a single room without knowing what belongs where.  You can use several labeling processes like inventory numbering and list, color coding for different rooms, labeling stickers etc.  Even a simple marker will help you save several hours of your precious time in your new home.  Although it is your Movers job to bring in markers and labeling stickers but it’s better that start this process even before your movers arrive.


Not budgeting for taxes and insurance as part of your moving cost


Packers and movers charge calculation is a tricky part.Service tax, insurance and other tolls and taxes when combined together might amount to as high as 35% of your total moving cost.  So always remember when you were taking quotations from different Packers and Movers in delhi make a point that you take all inclusive quotes with no hidden charges.


Not deciding insurance valuation for all your items


when you are moving long haul majority of people prefer taking insurances and for the same, they have to declare valuation for each of their furniture, electronics, and other belongings separately.  This valuation process might take more than 45 minutes of your time during the day of your move. It is prudent that you take your time and decide these valuations before the moving day. This might also help you save on insurance costs. As on the day of your move, you might be juggling several things during packing and loading and you might arrive at wrong insurance valuation and end up taking a higher value of insurance which you cannot be claimed in case of any damages.


Not taking moving paperwork seriously


Usually, you get 3 documents at your loading point which are handed over to you post all household goods are packed and loaded into the moving truck. These documents are a bill of loading, a list of items and a copy of your invoice.  You should keep the document safe with you and in no case forget them when you are traveling to the new city.  Bill of loading is the proof that you have handed over your precious household goods to the moving company. It also mentions your delivery address and contact number which will be used for the delivery purpose. Make sure the contact number provided by you is operational until you receive delivery of your goods. This is the number which will be used by the truck driver or the destination city office of movers to inform to you regarding location and ETA of your goods.