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Packers movers delhi
Packers and Movers in Delhi: Movesure

Finding the performing and reliable Packers and Movers in Delhi will turn out to be quite complicated for you if you are not aware how to detect one for you. Almost every other day new movers and packers companies are coming up in the market making it more difficult and confusing for the consumers to decide as which will be best for them. But what is good is that when you are searching for experts for moving personal or expert items you will come across many options and can choose based on your requirements and budget.

Logistics industry is considered as backbone for economy, offering efficient and economic flow of service on which the commercial sectors are completely surviving. In India the movers and packers sector is experiencing a steady growth in proportion to the growth made in the retail, manufacturing and e commerce sector. Growth in the mentioned sectors is encouraging the speed of career growth which in turn is provoking people to shift to metro cities for better prospects. Delhi being the hub of reputed corporate houses is attracting more people from different corners of India settle down here. To simplify Home shifting in Delhi experience the movers and packers in delhi are making their level best effort to offer best services at budget friendly price.

How to choose packers and movers in Delhi?

Delhi being the capital of Indian has lot more to offer to the people of this country and that’s the reason we can see a considerable increase in the population of Delhi and its adjoining NCR zone. For better prospect people make movements within Delhi and its adjoining places and then the need of a good mover and packer arise. We are going to share some valuable tips with you for making the selection of packers and movers in Dwarka Delhi and other areas of Delhi and NCR.


  1. Compare the price of the companies: It’s a known fact that Low rates will attract customers the most. Please exercise caution while going for cheapest packers and movers in delhi. But a low rate does not confirm that you will get quality service and in most cases there remain some hidden charges which are claimed at the end. So research carefully, and check all charges are included in the shared rate. Compare Packers and movers charges. Ensure if there will be any change in the price from the day of the booking to the day of executing the process. In many cases you will see that low price service provider will end you up in a trouble. Compare price and service quality together to decide one for you.

Is the company licensed one and having ISO certification: Being a consumer when you are looking for packers and movers in South Delhi it is must for you to check the license of the company for being in this trade. If the firm is claiming to be the industry best in this job, then ensure you check the credentials well before hiring and don’t go only by their word. ISO certification is a must for a reputed company and so check if the company is having it or not.

  1. Will they pack the household items: They are many Homes shifting services companies in delhi, which are interested to shift the items from one location to other, but not ready to make the packing of the items? They want it to get that done by the customer to avoid issues related to packaging damage in transit. Packers and movers in delhi ncr offer both packing and moving services. It will be advisable to avail services from such companies which offer both the services and that too at a budget friendly price.
  1. What number of staffs will be sent to handle the work: Depending on the volume of the things to be packed and moved, the number of staffs will be decided. If they want to get things sorted in short span of time they will send more people or else 2 to 3 people will be enough. In case they need to stay back for a longer period of time will they charge overtime? Clear this point at the time of hiring the service of packers and movers in delhi.


  1. Prime questions: If the Packers and Movers in delhi are not asking you question like date of shifting, things to carry and any other extra service clients want, then be alert. This is a clear indication that the company is not professional at all. If they are giving you costing without knowing the above answers then completely drop your plan to hire them. Look for other reputed company.


Why to avail services from Movesure?

One of the reputed companies of the industry is Movesure which is offering excellent services as Packers and Movers in Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida and Ghaziabad. A question may come to your mind as, why Movesure? Well, the fact this that this company is highly customer centric in its approach and plays a very responsible role as packers and movers in Rohini and for other regions too.

The company is having the best professionals with them having huge experience and expertise in handling Home shifting in Delhi NCR. They are using latest technology and equipment to make excellent packaging of the items which will be shifted. They will give you the needed time to get things packed in a completely professional manner and ensure none of the items in transit gets damaged till the time it gets unloaded in the customer new destination.

Being customer centric in nature this company pays attention towards customer satisfaction. Being one of the leading Packers and Movers in Delhi, this company asks for a price which is budget friendly and will suit customers from all class of the society. Banking on the services of this company will not disappoint you and will give you the chance to enjoy stress free a painless shifting. If you are looking for some special service at time of shifting then ensure you share your requirement before entering the contract.

Packers and movers in South delhi


packers movers south delhi
packers and movers in south delhi

Packers and movers in South delhi can be easily found out by contacting Movesure team. They are the leading home shifting service provider in Delhi. They provide all kinds of moving services like, moving home, moving vehicles and moving office equipments. They have dedicated customer consultant to answer your queries in real time.

Before choosing any packers and movers in south delhi, you have to be aware of few things:

  1. Moving can be very complicated and stressful process if not handled properly. There is lot of physical work involved in this. It involves packing, loading, unloading, unpacking etc.
  2. Pricing is very tricky in movers and packers. Since this industry is not very much regularized. Pricing varies vary much. Cheapest option might not be the best one too.
  3. Service is important aspect in this industry. There are lot of catch in service agreements from the moving service provider. Terms and conditions of delivery, liability clause, price variations etc. The terms and conditions has to be read in details and each of the terms has to be understood fully then only agreement has to be signed.
  4. Packing happens to be very important activity in moving process. There are lot of techniques and hacks in packing process. It has to be done by self or needs to be outsourced is again depends upon lot of factors. Packing materials are of various types. Every type usage is different. The knowledge of packing process also make your moving experience smoother. If you have no time, you ideally would want to be outsource it.
  5. On time delivery needs to be taken into consideration. The time of delivery will be mentioned in terms and conditions. But at times delay do happens, so there has to be some penalty in case delay happens. Make sure that packers and movers mention their penalty in case of service failure.
  6. Veracity of movers and packers needs to be confirmed. There are lot of part times packers and movers in south delhi . You need to be sure that the moving company is well established and have good experience of handling stuff. It gives you a confidence of safety of your stuff. Visit their office, If possible, ask as many questions as possible.
  7. There are lot of moving equipment needs to be with your packers and movers for efficient experience. All the established companies have standard packing, unpacking, loading and unloading equipments. Ask them, if they have necessary equipments. For instance, for vehicle moving, they will have specialized vehicles and equipments.
  8. Age of the movers and packers generally ensures the experience of handling the moving process more smoothly. It tells that they have already experience of handling lot of assignments and hence they know how to manage all the activities more efficiently.
  9. On Moving day, physical importance is of utmost importance. Your physical presence will be required to supervise the overall process. Making sure that all the articles are safely packed. Telling the transporter exactly where to deliver.
  10. You will have to analyze the cost of transporting the old furniture vs buying them new in new location. It has to be examined intelligently. At times, transporting the furniture to distant location cost you much more than their cost. There is a risk of getting them damaged too. Besides, there will be few furniture which is slightly damaged, and moving them can damage them completely. So, it makes sense to do some analysis and one can even sell them and get brand new furniture in the new relocated city.
  11. Take insurance of the things, which are very important. Not all movers and packers will provide insurance to damage/transportation. Ideally, one has to choose those packers which provides the insurance. They will charge you bit extra for insurance. Verify, that they have valid insurance certificate.

How to choose best packers and movers in South Delhi:

  • Call packers and movers and ask for quotations in writing. Make sure that there should be no variations at the time of payment.
  • Verify their details on their sites/and physically visiting their office.
  • Look into the social reviews to ensure the service quality on facebook and googles. Reviews will give you idea how they are providing services to their existing customers. This will also make you aware that how are they handling the grievances.
  • Ask if the moving service provider has all necessary equipments. It establishes their stability to handle the assignments at hand.
  • Take insurance and ask what will be the liability in case damages and delay happens. It helps to increase the accountability from service provide end.
  • There should be no price variations after the written quotes received.
  • Don’t always go for cheaper quotes. As those packers and movers will not have necessary equipments or experiencer to handle your moving needs. You might end up spending more if anything gets damaged in the moving process.
  • Get service reference from service provider. It helps as you can ask they are happy customers about the experience they have gone through. Coming from the old customer, commands greater trust if the company really has done good work.
  • Do not pay the full amount before delivery. Pay them advance on the day of packing and rest of the amount on the delivery day after ensuring that all the things are delivered undamaged.

Finding the right fit for your moving services is a tough task. The tougher task will be to verify claims being made by packers and movers.Besides, at times you might not have so much time and helping hands to accumulate all the information about packers and movers in south delhi. It also includes the packers and movers in Malviya Nagar delhi.

Contact the packers and movers services provider in delhi like Movesure, which are aggregators in packers and movers and can connect you with lots of verified packers and movers  in delhi with respect to your moving needs. They give you lot of options in terms of pricing also.Their dedicated customer support helps you to find out the packers and movers in south delhi, packers and movers in laxminagar, packers and movers in rohini, packers and movers in dwarka delhi and packers and movers in vasanth kunj.


Packers and movers in Dwarka Delhi


packers movers dwarka delhi
Packers and Movers in Dwarka delhi

Find verified Packers and movers in dwarka delhi through Movesure is very easy. They have dedicated staff to guide you through the process and all the relevant info that one might want to know to take an informed decision.

Moving home is a very complicated process. It has to be systematically planned an else lot of thing goes wrong.It is no big gamer that moving home happens to be most tiring tasks one would face ever. The major crunch happens to be the packing part. So if anyone could share you some tips/techniques, you won’t mind knowing it.

The most important material used in packing your materials will be plastic wrap. Easily available, inexpensive and can solve lot of moving related problems. It helps to keep your loosened items in single place.

Why Plastic Wrap is so Popular:

It is the most versatile packing materials you will find people to use it while doing the packing. It is very cheap, readily available, and easy to use. It primarily helps the furniture to pack. Keep all the drawers closed, free from dirt. This wrap has no adhesive backing and only sticks to itself. So, it doesn’t leave a mark or anything while removing it back. This keeps your furniture intact which is very wonderful about this wrap.

Best of all, this wrap is available in various size and thickness. So it is easy to get the exact quantity as per our needs. But there are some things which have to be considered before you buy.

  • 65 Gauge or 80 Gauge – A higher number enables more protection, so want to use the 80 gauge wrap for delicate, larger items.


  • Blown– Brown wrap is lighter weight than regular plastic wrap and doesn’t require as much pull when wrapping bulkier items. It is your most trusted option when it comes to packing the bigger furniture or items.


  • Handle or no handle – Handles make faster to apply the wrap. This makes them difficult to use for larger items.. A non-handled roll that is 18” or 20” wide will be much handier when it comes to wrapping furniture pieces, household appliances, and other big items.

These will be available at all the major retails outlets and can also be purchased online.

What purpose can plastic wrap can be used for?

As mentioned, it can be put to lot of different uses as given below:

  • Covering blankets, protecting bubble wraps etc. They can also be used for keeping all the packing materials safe, so they don’t get damaged during transportation.
  • Safely wrapping the Drawer: It saves you lot of time by using plastic wrap to close the drawer .No need to pack all the things separately, just put inside the drawers.. Wrap few layers on the opening of the drawer so that nothing falls off while transporting them.
  • Bundling: This can be used for bundling. Find out the like items and bundle them together. It can be used for bundling tools, rods ,hangers etc.
  • Power cords and wire: Use plastic wrap to keep these items secured. Wrap these around appliances so they don get damaged while transporting.
  • Prevent dust and dirt: Using plastic warp around your utensils, furniture etc prevent them from dirt and dust .The best part is they are very easily removable without damaging or leaving any mark.
  • Kitchen products: They are also very useful in transporting the kitchen ingredients,jars etc.It can be done by wrapping them with plastic warp.There will not be any fear of spilling off too.
  • Transporting bulkier items: This helps to keep the drawers closed while moving heavier furniture and hence making them easier to move. Essentially, save bulkier items from not getting damaged.
  • Can also keep mats, drapes etc packed.

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How to use plastic wrap

One would ideally require 15 to 22” for packing the various range of packing materials. For packing smaller items, you have to hold the handle with a little tension to wrap around. For bulkier items, let it loose around and pack it. Let us also share how do we use plastic wrap:


  1. Cleaning the items that you are going to ship. You might want to make sure that all the items should be perfectly dry.
  2. Unpack all the removable parts of the furniture of bed, table etc. It will make them easier to move them. Pick all the legs and pack them together. It reduces the risk of damages too.
  3. Before using plastic wrap on furniture, please make sure that they are already covered with paper pad/furniture pads. Later on, use plastic wrap to cover them. It increases the safety factor of your furniture further.
  4. While moving your furniture, please make sure that corners of the furniture are covered completely. They are most likely to get damaged and tend to damage walls. At times they hurt movers too while moving. Those should be taken care off completely. We can use some covering like paper padding/thermacoal etc to cover it. Then use plastic wrap
  5. Never use the plastic wrap directly on furniture, as by chance if they have some moisture in it. They can develop mold and can destroy the polish on furniture and leather.
  6. One can easily sue it on fabric etc. As there is no risk of damage in using directly plastic wrap on them.

So, we saw, how this simple plastic wrap comes handy in so many things and make our transportation process without hassles. It really is multipurpose and can be sued with so ease and on so many items. We do need to take some precautions though.

There are a lot of other packing materials too, which needs to be known before packing process kicks off.If you need more tips on packing, you can contact Movesure team. They provide one stop solution for moving services. They will take end to end responsibility as per your requirements. Packers and movers in Dwarka more can also covers whole of dwarka including sectors  like 7,12,23. There is few more basics information about the movers and packers industry that needs to be researched. They will provide you verified packers and movers in Vasanth kunj, packers and movers in laxmi nagar, packers and movers in dwarka delhi, packers and movers in south delhi.


Best Packers and movers in south Delhi

Best Packers and movers in south Delhi is very easy to find if you know the right place. Movesure is such place where team will help you with all your moving needs by assigning the dedicated customer consultant for you.

One of the major issues that is being faced by the families is whether to buy new furniture or moving the old furniture. The main driving factors, which will enable you to decide are given below:

Best packers and movers in south delhi details
Best Packers Movers in South Delhi
  • Size of the furniture: At times, furniture size is so big that it gets very expensive to transfer the same. The more bulky size ,the more care needs to be taken so that no damage should happen to your furniture.
  • Distance to relocation: At times, furniture is portable and but still packers and movers in south Delhi would charge you a fortune since the distance is very long. At times, people move from one state to other states too. So it will be left to your discretion to decide not to transport the furniture.

If the location is intra city, then it makes your situation less complicated. It will be easier to transport and will cost very less. In that case, it is generally advisable to keep all the furniture with you.

  • Emotional Value: At times, people have emotional value to household stuff. Furniture can be part of that too.In these cases, people wouldn’t mind spending some money to tag along with old furniture just for the sake of old memories.Since emotions are priceless, you would need professional packers and movers to take care of transportation and packing.Get them insures also by paying some extra charge so that in case any damage happens, you will be safe to claim the damages.
  • Age of the furniture: You would want to take the age factor into account while taking the decision. If you have already used the furniture for many years and you need to relocate to far from location. You can consider buying a new one .
  • The condition of the furniture: At times, furniture are little damaged already, and moving them will damage them completely. One wouldn’t want to incur the transportation cost as well as repairing cost. In that case, it is better not to move damaged furniture.
  • Antiquities: At times, we have a very old wardrobe or some showpiece which is like heritage and holds a big price value. You will have to move it carefully. It has to be packed, packaged perfectly so that, It shouldn’t be damaged in any way.

Packers and movers in Malviya Nagar Delhi and packers and movers in Saket Delhi, both come under south Delhi.If you still need any moving tips and advice, Movesure team is there to help you.To get the best Packers and movers in south delhi, contact movesure representative.


Best Packers and movers in Dwarka more

packers movers dwarka delhi

Moving happens to be one of the most tiring jobs in anyone’s life, particularly when you are married and have children. You have everything up and running and settled comfortably at the place. For one reason or the other, people have to move to other places. It is very tedious exercise, so it is always better to plan so that one may not suffer.

There are a lot of factors to be kept in mind while choosing the right packers and mover in Dwarka  more like pricing, service, experience, reliability, insurance, packing and packaging equipments etc. One will have thousands of doubt regarding moving home, relocation, office, and commercial equipment. You would want to research properly about this industry before making any rash decisions. One best way to learn id to research online about the basics of this industry. This major challenge in this industry is that it is not very much organized, so there is no standard pricing, service parameters etc.The ideal way is to get multiple quotes from different packers and movers. Or else, you could contact for one stop moving solution for your moving services like movesure. Movesure have trained staff, which helps you to get tailored solutions.

The best season to move is spring season, if you have control over moving time. There are following reasons :

  •  No Rush: Summer happens to be the busiest season for movers and packers in dwarka more so much so, you have to search a lot for finding the right packers and movers for you. In the spring season, since there is low demand, you get the best movers and packers services available. It saves you lot of trouble from landing up in the wrong hands. One can also schedule comfortably in spring compared to summer where there is no or tough slot availability.
  •  Good Price: Due to lack of demand, spring has lower rates of the best packers and movers in Dwarka more , compared to the summer season, which has peak demand for this industry. As there are fewer orders, so one can expect more attention to service as they are not under pressure of large no of moving orders.
  •  Good weather: There is no denying fact that spring weather is the most loved weather in India. There is no sweat, no cold and optimized best for human body activity. In this season, you don’t feel much fatigue. As, moving service involves a lot of physical activity in packing, packaging, arranging stuff, unpacking etc.
  •  Good Offer for sales of Home/Apartment (If you have one): As most of the people planned to relocate in summer holidays. They plan to buy in this season, so buying demand is there. High demand gets you better prices.

When you are looking for best packers and movers in Dwarka more, sector 23, sector 7, sector 12 as per your nearest location, you can contact movesure. If you still need any moving tips and advice. The movesure team is there to help you. To get the best quotes from Packers and movers in dwarka delhi, packers and movers in Lakshmi Nagar, packers and movers in vasanth kunj and packers and movers in south delhi, contact movesure.