First night box is a life savior…

Keep First-night boxes accessible

What are first night boxes?

These boxes are the boxes containing essentials for the first day and night at your new home. These boxes should be easily accessible because it will be hard to find your things in piles of boxes. You might end up opening all the boxes and next day when resettling things you will realize what a mess it is.


First night box is a lifeguard- how to treat it?


Make sure your first night box should be kept in the truck last. You should easily able to get it when you need it. Keep these boxes while unloading to someplace where you are not keeping other cartons.

Things your first night box should contain.


Cleaning and maintenance utilities

The first thing you definitely want to do before entering is some cleaning. You might have done it two days before moving but on the day you move in some cleaning is required and you don’t want yourself going to super market or ask neighbors for the utilities. I think no one wants to give an impression of “weird neighbors” in a completely new place.

Keep floor cleaner, waste cloth, detergent, bleach, soap and few trash bags in this box. I think these things will be enough for decent cleaning.



It is also good to keep your tools accessible you might require them. Although packers have their tool kit but you might require adjusting few things after they leave.

You should also keep few light bulbs, extendable switch board and a flashlight in case there are few lights are not working.


Meals and eatables

It can be a while before you cook delicious food in your new kitchen and you and your kids don’t want to sit hungry waiting to resettle your kitchen. Keep few packets of snacks, ready to cook packets and if you have kids make sure you have things they like to eat so that you don’t sleep hungry. Toss in some disposable plates, cups and napkins as well in case you need them. You don’t want to add another task of dish washing.

Also, make arrangements for drinkable water, you and packers will also be needing it. Fitting purifiers take time.

Another important thing is to have basic hygiene necessities items


You should have your toothpaste and toothbrush, soap and shampoo and comb packed in a separate box. But you’ll be needing them to be comfortable in your new home.

Other things you need are

Clean bed sheets


Towels (if this list is outgrowing your box, try camping towels)

A complete first aid kit

A pair of clean clothes if you can accommodate in your box.

Do customize your first night box according to your need these are the things I have suggested things according to the situation we land up in when we do not plan.


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