Moving home during monsoon rain

Moving during monsoon? do not let rain ruin your moving experience.

You are all set to move your home, everything is well planned. You have served notice to your current homeowner. But it’s monsoon time and your smartphone is showing a thunderstorm on the day of your move. You have hired professional packers and movers. You are worried about how will you protect your goods from rain. Thoughts of drenched boxes and ruined furniture are making you pray for the sunshine on the day.

Moving in monsoon doesn’t have to be frightening. If you are moving during monsoon follow the below tips to protect your precious belongings and mental peace although, few of these might lead to increase in your packers and movers charges.

Hire a closed body containerized vehicle

More than 90% of local home relocation India are done by open body trucks. These vehicles use trampoline covers during rainy weather to protect your goods. Which more often than not are leaky with multiple holes here and there. So hiring a Closed body container might cost you an approx 20% higher but will make a lot of sense.

Waterproof packing

Waterproof lamination is available with packers and movers, you can ask them to bring it in and make sure all your boxes are wrapped in lamination foil. If your movers are not offering lamination foil you can make use of food wrap clear foil and plastic bags to protect your precious goods.

Prep – your moving space

Before moving check your moving space make sure that the floor of the vehicle is not wet and there is no leakage in the roof or the Trampoline. In case you find any leakages for small leakages use tape for a temporary fix and in case there are large holes you might have to use your creative thinking and you some larger plastic material for blocking doors leakages.
Use ample of door mats to make sure that people carrying in your boxes and furniture do not bring in mud and water along with them finally you should also take care that all the movers and your family members are wearing all skid proof shoes so that they do not slip on the wet floor and injure themselves.

Assembly line setup for unloading

For easy and quick unloading of your household goods make one person stand inside the vehicle loading space, the second person just beside the vehicle and so on till the line reaches inside of your house. This way when people are unloading your carton boxes and other small items they can be passed from one hand to another so that the floor would stay dry and slippery mud would stay outside. Moreover, lesser chances of your belongings getting wet as this would cut down the unloading time. This would also reduce chances of damage due to slipping on the wet floor.

If it’s raining cats and dogs

If it’s raining very heavily outside it is always prudent to wait for a couple of hours and see how weather progresses, if it doesn’t mellow down you may be forced to postpone your move to another opportune moment. This might impact your moving cost and your plans but at least your goods will remain safe.

A few additional tips

It’s better if trucks loading side can be under a roof or balcony so that loading can be done without getting your item wet.
Packers and movers boxes are more sturdy than you think they can usually take a few drops of rain without damaging your stuff inside.
If it’s a complete day move it will polite for you to arrange for some tea and snacks for the packers as they will not have many eating options available nearby due to rain.
Keep a few paper towels handy in case, packers get their hand wet while loading or unloading your stuff, this will protect your items they pick up next.

Finally, rain or no rain it always helps to be well prepared for your move. Ask for a few friends to come over, in case you are self-moving.

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