Tips before D day…

“I am Happy when I am moving!” said no one, ever.

Let’s be honest, home relocation is the long and stressful process. And it is deep in your pocket. No wonder why people go step ahead and go for the most expensive packers and movers. But, that cannot be the only solution for the stress. Still, there are many things you need to take care.

To make your move as hassle-free as possible, your need to find professional packers and movers in Faridabad who work best- those who understand your work requirement and are capable of delivering your goods damage free.

We inspected that packers and movers can be worst on their behaviour on the day of the move. Here are 8 things you make sure you have aligned before the D-day


  1. Make sure to do your homework before the day of move —in person

Once you put in your moving requirement on any of the listing websites you will be bombed with incoming calls and all of them saying all good things about themselves. There are good packers and bad packers in the industry. How can you differentiate?


Every company is going to present themselves as the best in the industry and that will confuse while decision-making process. The best way out to have a clear decision making is to shortlist them on the basis of their online feedbacks and then visit movers office in person.


“Some companies are really professional and there are other companies which are mostly running from their homes or the office which you can never locate.” There will only one guy coming to your home and will make the promises and that will blow your mind. Or the other type is who will look like he has come out of 5 years solitary.


Price is only part of the equation. You have to differentiate on the company which has your best interest and not looking for the one-time paycheck.


  1. Do you need to get your stuff packed a day before the move?

If your house is 3BHK or above we strictly recommend you get at least 70% of household stuff packed a day before. On the day of the move, you should have enough time for loading, unloading, unpacking and the most time-consuming job of resettlement. Make sure your major furniture are in place at your new home before packers leave your place.

  1. What else you want to make sure should be in place on the day of move?

Before the movers appear, figure out these things and pass on the information to the movers. Do you need to take the permission from the society`s RWA for the use of elevator? Can we park the truck on the busy street? If so, make sure space is available for the parking of a truck . If you’re moving in or out of an apartment complex, make sure you know all rules—designated moving hours and whether packers can pack or unpack during off hours this can cause confusion and delay your complete move.


Do inform your movers about the heavy items you are going to move so that they can bring extra hand if required. They should not go looking for additional labourer on the same day.


  1. What all you should ask your packer to bring with him

Few things you should make sure they bring along on the day of packing. There should be enough packing material for the complete packing and what kind of material they are going to bring you can also ask them to bring some samples at the time of the home survey.  There should be marking stickers and makers with them. They should also bring toolkit in case there is any uninstallation required. Call them a day before for confirming regarding the arrangements for the move and do confirm the time they are going to come.


  1. Label everything

Make sure each box is labelled with the essentials and the room it belongs to. You don’t want yourself in the stack of cartons and not knowing which carton has what in it.

It will be easier for the movers as well to put it in the room where it belongs as opposed to delineating where it has to be kept and you also don’t want yourself standing in the stacks of boxes without any clue.


  1. Tell us what’s valuable before we follow the rule equality

The best way to deal with damage is to avoid it- Your packers are not very sensitive towards valuables. Do make sure you tell them which are items are fragile and expensive.  Once you tell them about the sensitivity of the goods then only they will pack accordingly.



  1. Let them do their Job!

You might think you’re helping when you starting packing yourself or show courtesy of giving the helping hand in loading or unloading. Don’t, when you have made so much effort in choosing movers trust them they will do the job. They are professionals and they work with a plan so might act as a hindrance in the job.  Few eager homeowner slows down efforts, but he or she can also be an insurance liability.


  1. Tip the movers or maybe buy lunch

Yes, you need to tip your movers—between Rs. 100 and Rs 200 is standard, but more is always welcome. They are in a service business and what they do is incredibly hard. Movers need to be tipped for their job. If it the moving goes for day long try buying lunch for them. You cannot even imagine how impactful this can be on their motivation level.



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