What to do when moving in peak season?

What to do when everyone around you is moving?

When you see you have planned to move then you friend tells you he/she is also moving and you go to office your colleague also tells you the same. You must be thinking is it a good thing? That everyone is moving there might be chaos with packers and movers in Delhi, and services quality might get hampered?

Now the moving your home is something you cannot postpone or cancel. You also have to move during that duration. If possible you change the dates do change. Especially if you are planning to move at the end of the month and there is an option to move in first or second week of the month you won’t regret.

So, considering the fact that more than 65% of all the relocations in the India take place within a few specific dates of months, one can easily think that this is the most convenient and beneficial time to move home. Also known as peak moving season, this period is extremely busy and chaotic. However, it is widely preferred by home movers because of the numerous advantages it offers.


When is peak season?

“Peak season” refers to the month of March to June, and when we talk about local shifting it is usually the last weekend of every month when most home shifting takes place. People are more comfortable moving during this duration is because of few factors like Academic sessions gets over, spouses can also change their jobs and many other small factors are involved to make it an optimal time of relocation. The high demand for reliable moving services during the peak season, however, poses a number of considerable challenges both to people who want to move and moving companies. So, if you intend to move in the peak season, you need to be fully aware of all the aspects of a peak season relocation.



What to consider when moving in peak season

Despite the advantages of moving in peak time like the academic year of your kids gets over, your spouse can also move with you, your rent agreements get over and you can easily find a new place as there are plenty of homes available. Having said that there are many cons to moving during this season as well:


Increase in charges – If you want to move during peak season this might dent deep to your pocket as the prices for professional packers and movers increase significantly. Make sure you account for such increments in the prices while making the budget, later it might put you in a bad situation. Also, consider the hidden charges and don’t forget to allocate some amount for other unforeseen contingencies.

You can find some efficient ways to save money on your forthcoming relocation here;


Timely bookings – It is difficult to book packers who have professional and reliable packers and movers services in peak season. You might have to face some compromises in quality of services and there can be a situation where unprofessional people coming for your home relocation. You can avoid such situation if you make the booking in advance don’t wait long. During peak seasons, packers and movers tend to hire laborer on contract and they don’t have much experience in home relocation. Make sure you book as soon as you decide on all other factors related to the move.


How to organize a successful peak season move?

Here are some simple tricks and tips that will help you perform a smooth and trouble-free relocation even when moving in high season:


1) Check List – Make a checklist of all the tasks you need to complete before moving. Allocate appropriate time for each task, you should not have the list of incomplete tasks and you are moving next day. Act accordingly in a quick and efficient manner. This way you won’t miss tracking the progress of important aspects of moving.


2) Flexibility can save you money and hassle – If your moving dates can be flexible that can save you money and you do not need to compromise on services. Ask your packers and movers when they are free and provide their best movers for the home relocation. Usually, if you can plan to move on a week day that can save you money and you don’t have to compromise on service quality. If possible please avoid national holidays and you can schedule it in mid of the month, this will smoothen your move.

When is the best time to move house


3) Hire trustworthy movers – When looking for packers and movers in peak season you will see few unprofessional and incompetent packers and movers. Their pricing might seem to be affordable but the high chances are they will disappear with your booking amount after they secure the deal. There are high chances of stealing your valuables or ask for more money as ransom once they pick up household goods. It is very important to do the background check and if possible please check their past records.

Common moving scams you might end up in


4) Moving intercity- Take Insurance!! – Transportation is not immune to accidents. It’s not only that your goods can get damaged only in case of accident or truck catches fire, there is quite a chance that your goods get damaged due rain, potholes, loading, unloading or any other reason. Make sure to take a full risk comprehensive insurance at least of the valuable and fragile items.


5) Take care of the paperwork in time – If you are moving in holidays your paperwork might take time so start early. Make a list of all the documents that needs paperwork. Don’t forget to change an address on your phone bills, driving license, bank account, medical policy etc. Your communication address should be right. Last but not the least make sure you have all the utilities running on move-in you will be desperately needing your water, electricity running if possible TV cable as well you will be needing some entertainment after the long process of moving.


6) Take care of the kids and pets – Ask you, friend, to come over and take your kids to a park or a mall while the packers are in the house. Heavy items will be moving you don’t want your kids to get hurt. Or, even better – you can leave them at your relatives place. You don’t want your kids to get fussy and increase one more task in your task list it will be better to them to sit in a calm and the safe air-conditioned room away from the moving chaos.


7) Ask your packers to come as early as possible – Make sure your that your crew reaches early morning so that your packing and loading part is complete before the heat is intense. If you are moving by yourself, ask the company to the send the truck the truck a night prior so that you can complete the loading before the sun comes up.


8) Keep your first night box with you – be prepared for a situation where you reach way before your good reaches at your new home because during peak season delays are a common thing we face. You can survive only when you have your essentials with you. So pack all the required essentials in 2 3 carton boxes and be prepared for at least 8 to 10 days delay depending on the route you are moving to.


May your home relocation in peak season turns into the gratifying experience and you are happy in your new home.

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