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Poor Delivery? Need Help With Packing?- Friendly Packers and Movers

Nowadays, it is very common where professionals, job seekers and businessman has to do home shifting very frequently because of business and job location. In that case, you have to shift whole house with essentials which you need in day-to-day life.
Nowadays, everybody is moving their belongings from one location to another. Some of them shifting their goods by themselves and some are taking the assistance of packers and movers. If you are shifting your household goods by yourself, you have to face many difficulties like lack of time, the risk of torn and worn, costing of shifting. If you hire packer and mover then you have many advantages too, like time management, risk-free shifting, cost-efficient and convenience. A lot of people have already used packers and movers services and might have a bad experience with previous ones. If you are fed-up of poor delivery, damaged goods and higher cost charging, then you should change your packers and movers. We are one of the best packers and movers which follows customer-centric approach and safety of your goods is our main concern.

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Best Movers & Packers Service in Delhi

Efficient And Professional Packing And Unpacking Of Boxes

If you have ever shifted your home before then you already are aware that moving can not be done in a single day If you are not professional in doing it. Moving a whole house is not an easy, it is very stressful and risky when it comes to the safety of your goods, especially when shifting interstate! The gigantic tasks of cleaning each bedroom, arranging all the kitchen cupboards, de-cluttering the collected stuff in the garage and of course the dreaded packing and unpacking of boxes. But this needs expertise which one will not have as you do not do it frequently. For that reason, you can not risk your precious goods. You can find our efficient and professional movers and packers to help you in transporting your furniture items. They can also safely pack up all your small household goods into boxes for you prior to moving day. Our packing staffs are all about efficiency; so whilst they are expeditious, they are also observant and can pack an average of 5 boxes every hour by each packer. They are professionally trained and know how to pack and wrap your fragile like crockery items of the kitchen and make sure that they are transported to the next shifting location, next state or next country in the same condition when they left your house.

High Quality Packing Materials To Protect Your Goods

Now, it is time to explore what are the packaging materials we use to protect your household goods.

list of materials used by Movesure Professionals

For Packing and moving, there are a lot of tools and utilities are used to identify and protect by Movesure professionals.

  1. Markers, Colored Stickers,  packaging tapes and masking tapes.
  2. Box Cutters and Tape Cutters.
  3. Paper Wrapping and Bubble Wrapping.
  4. Polythene wrapping.
  5. Thermocol.
  6. Customized packing box for LCDs.
  7. Tool Kit & Tool Kit Bags.
  8. Wooden Crate.
  9. Strong sutli (string).
  10. Inflatable Bags.
  11. Canvas sheet for wrapping furniture.
  12. Specially Designed containers for your plants.

Insurance for all your goods!

Have you earned your valuable household goods like household goods, furniture, home and appliances? If you love your goods and can’t see them in bad condition then probably you never risk your valuable goods while moving locally or intercity. So. you need to know the importance of Insurance for all your goods. You also need to understand how Movesure is counted among secure intercity packers and movers. Usually, Movesure offers all-inclusive insurance which involves the Packers and movers himself is ensuring you against any damage that might occur while packing, loading, moving or unloading.

We offer two types of Insurance, which you need to understand to know best-suited insurance of goods.

  • Transit insurance  - In this insurance premium charges might be around 1.09% on the declared value of goods.
  • Comprehensive Insurance - In this insurance premium charges might be around 3% on the declared value of goods. In this insurance coverage, the insurance company is liable to pay the amount in case of damages and not scratches.

So, Insurance is of prime significance while moving as there are various invisible benefits so that you can enjoy the hassle-free home shifting.

Why are we best packers and movers in Delhi?

  • Unpacking Made Easy, as we have trained staffs.
  • We use high-Quality Packing Materials, as protection is our prime concern.
  • Your household goods will be moved stress-free and safely.
  • We use market’s best techniques to make moving easier.
  • We have custom-built crates to move safely.
  • Insurance for all your goods.
  • We offer short and long-term storage.

We think with all these points, you will be confident enough to consider us for your next shifting. We are confident that you will give us a good review after moving.

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Home Shifting, office relocation Rate List – Range of trucks to suit all move sizes.

Breakdown Charges

Type of Body CFT Bangalore Chennai Hyderabad Mumbai Pune Kolkata Goa Packing Charges Unloading
Few House hold Items 1 120 ₹ 12000 ₹ 14000 ₹ 12000 ₹ 9000 ₹ 9900 ₹ 12000 ₹ 12000 ₹ 2170 ₹ 1200
Few House hold Items 2 160 ₹ 15000 ₹ 17200 ₹ 15000 ₹ 11000 ₹ 12100 ₹ 15000 ₹ 15000 ₹ 3337 ₹ 1200
Few House hold Items 2 + Two wheeler 240 ₹ 18000 ₹ 21000 ₹ 18000 ₹ 15000 ₹ 16500 ₹ 18000 ₹ 18000 ₹ 4045.5 ₹ 1200
1 BHK 330 ₹ 25000 ₹ 29000 ₹ 25000 ₹ 18000 ₹ 19800 ₹ 22000 ₹ 22000 ₹ 6068.25 ₹ 1800
2 BHK 600 ₹ 32000 ₹ 36000 ₹ 32000 ₹ 22000 ₹ 24200 ₹ 28000 ₹ 28000 ₹ 8788.875 ₹ 2400
3 BHK 780 ₹ 42000 ₹ 48000 ₹ 42000 ₹ 28000 ₹ 30800 ₹ 38000 ₹ 38000 ₹ 10652.5 ₹ 3000
3 BHK Full Load 1050 ₹ 61000 ₹ 68000 ₹ 61000 ₹ 35000 ₹ 38500 ₹ 48000 ₹ 48000 ₹ 14901.40625 ₹ 3000

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